Menstrual Briefs: The Perfect Postpartum Companion

At PERIPA we know how difficult and distressing childbirth can be, your attention is completely on your baby and your postpartum bleeding should not be another reason for discomfort or worry.


Postpartum bleeding, known as lochia , can last up to six weeks after delivery. Initially, it is more intense and red, but over time it becomes lighter and changes color. Understanding this variability helps moms anticipate normal changes in flow and differentiate them from potential problems.

Types of Lochia:

Lochia is divided into three types: lochia rubra (deep red), lochia serosa (pink to brown), and lochia alba (yellow to white). Each type represents a different stage of postpartum recovery. Knowing how to identify these changes helps moms monitor their progress and recognize signs of possible complications.

Importance of Rest and Personal Care:

Excessive physical activity can increase postpartum bleeding and delay recovery. It's crucial for new moms to prioritize rest and self-care during this period. The body needs time to heal, and getting adequate rest contributes to a faster and more effective recovery.

Why choose menstrual panties instead of traditional sanitary pads during that special period after giving birth? Let's explore it with scientific data!

Unmatched Comfort

After giving birth, our bodies go through significant changes, and the last thing we want is to feel uncomfortable. This is where the menstrual underwear comes into play. Unlike bulky sanitary pads, these briefs fit like a second skin, providing comfort that we all need at that moment. Imagine feeling like you're wearing your favorite underwear, but with the ability to absorb postpartum bleeding!

Goodbye to Uncomfortable and Embarrassing Stains!

Hasn't it happened to you that sanitary pads sometimes move? With PERIPA menstrual panties, that's a thing of the past! Thanks to their form-fitting design, they can move with confidence, without worrying about unexpected stains.

Scientific Basis behind Smart Choice

Now let's talk about why scientifically this is a brilliant choice. Our panties are made with advanced absorption technology, using materials such as bamboo and cotton which make them hypoallergenic, antibacterial and breathable. These materials are not only gentle on sensitive postpartum skin, but also reduce the risk of irritations and allergies.

Advantages Menstrual Briefs Sanitary towel
Comfort It fits like a second skin, providing comfort. It can sometimes feel bulky and uncomfortable.
Stain Prevention Tight design prevents unexpected movement and stains. It can shift and cause embarrassing stains.
Natural Materials Made with bamboo and cotton, soft on the skin. Some contain chemicals and fragrances.
Efficient Absorption Advanced absorption technology for optimal performance. It varies in absorption capacity.
Breathability It allows better perspiration, reducing the risk of irritation. It may cause a feeling of humidity and discomfort.

At PERIPA our priority is your comfort, our panty is designed to support your tummy, made of 100% cotton and with an extended absorption area, you can use it with any garment and it will give you security and protection for up to 1 hour

In conclusion, choosing menstrual underwear postpartum is not only comfortable and practical, but is also backed by science. So moms, let's make room in our underwear drawer for period panties and enjoy worry-free comfort during this special time.

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