Great projects need great people


Our mission is to help thousands of women to reconcile with their body and allow them to live it in a free and moving way. To achieve this we need incredible people like you!

If you tried PERIPA, you love it and you know that you can reach many women in your social circle, this program is for you...

I want to be an ambassador

How does this program work?

Simple... it's the easiest way to make money! Here it goes: you tried PERIPA, you love our products and you honestly want more people to try them, right? Well, you just register, we approve you and give you a link to share. Each sale made through that exclusive link will generate profits for you.

Let's see... explain the benefits to me

Using your ambassador link, your favorite people (that is, your referrals) get 10% on their purchase and you will receive 5% of the total of this purchase just for having recommended PERIPA (excluding shipping costs and taxes).

What are the requirements and conditions?

1. Our cookies are valid for 30 days, these will be the days that your referral will have as a limit to be able to make a purchase after clicking on your link and thus be able to validate your commission.

2. You cannot use your affiliate link to make your own purchases, your commission per sale will only be valid if the purchase is made by a NEW customer for PERIPA wear ( new customers refer to any person who has NOT registered or interacted with our page before having used your link, otherwise we will not be able to attribute the purchase to your account)

3. The minimum accumulated in your affiliate account to be able to receive a payment from PERIPA WEAR must be $350 Mexican pesos; no payments will be made if that amount has not been accumulated.

Once that amount is reached, you will receive the payment in full and your accumulated amount will be restored to $0 so that you can accumulate and win again.

I love it, how do I start?

Click and register HERE

We will send you an email when your application is approved and you can start recommending and earning

Where and how can I use my link to recommend PERIPA?

Wherever you want! Use gossip and your social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

Be honest about your experience with our products and the sales will come on their own. Remember that since it is a new product on the market, we suggest you explain in your videos how they work, how to use them and their benefits!

PERIPA Ambassadors

By creating content using and recommending PERIPA products you get:

-Commissions between 5% and 10%

-Access to new PERIPA products for free!

-Exclusive discounts and more!

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