It is the percentage of women in Mexico who are affected by the economic inability to buy menstrual hygiene products.

menstrual poverty

Statistics from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval)


"More than 40% of Mexican women of menstruating age have to choose between eating or acquiring an item to access a dignified menstruation."


    We believe in thousands of girls and women with incredible potential, our mission is to contribute so that nothing stops them.


    Thanks to our alliances with non-profit organizations such as the OPC, we reach spaces such as the DIF where we contribute our grain of sand for dignified and responsible menstruation in our country.


    We believe in change and at PERIPA we are convinced that having a good relationship with our menstruation is POSSIBLE.

  • inputs bank

    OPC in Nigeria, in the #Rescueagirl project in which menstrual education and workshops to make reusable cloth towels were provided.

  • menstrual education

    At OPC, donations of menstrual supplies are not only made to needy or vulnerable people, but a long-term change is sought in which, by providing menstrual education, tools are given to thousands of girls to live a dignified and safe menstruation.

27 million

are women in Mexico have some social deprivation that represents an obstacle to be able to enjoy an adequate management of menstrual hygiene

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