First menstruation and menstrual underwear


At PERIPA we love responsible mothers who do not want their daughters to suffer as much with their first cycles as we did, we all had anxiety and many doubts and here we are going to prepare you for that big day!

Today we are going to dive into a topic that often raises concerns, but is a natural part of girls' development: menarche, or the beginning of menstruation.

We know that as mothers, our daughters' first menstrual cycle can be a delicate moment and full of questions. But don't worry! We are here to provide you with useful information and make this process as easy and convenient as possible.


Menarche, or the first menstruation, usually occurs between the ages of 9 and 16 . It is important to be prepared and talk openly with our daughters about this change in their lives. Starting this dialogue can help reduce anxieties and make the process more natural.

This process indicates that their bodies are ready for reproduction, although it is SUPER IMPORTANT to remember that menarche does not automatically imply complete emotional or physical maturity, so let's not continue with the idea that she is already "a real little woman" as we were told. For us, the reality is that in many cases they are still girls.

It is common for girls to experience changes in their mood and emotions during menarche due to hormonal fluctuations. As moms, we can be that constant support, offering understanding and patience during these times of adjustment.

Another interesting fact is that the average menstrual cycle lasts approximately 28 days, but this can vary. It is completely normal for girls to have shorter or longer cycles at first. Observing and keeping track of your menstrual cycle can help you anticipate its arrival and prepare appropriately.

One of the key decisions right now is to choose responsible menstrual products. This is where PERIPA's revolutionary period panties come into play. These panties are not only an eco-friendly option, but they also offer benefits that make a difference, without chemicals and without fragrances, so that irritation, itching and bad odors are just memories of the past.

menstrual panties for girls and teenagers

Our panties are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which helps maintain optimal hygiene during your period. This is essential to prevent possible infections and ensure that our girls are comfortable at all times.

Choosing quality textiles is another reason to fall in love with Peripa as they are made of breathable cotton, allowing the skin to breathe and avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of humidity. This not only contributes to comfort, but also helps prevent unpleasant odors.

By choosing responsible menstrual products like Peripa panties, we are not only taking care of the environment, but also the well-being of our daughters. We are creating a positive experience around menstruation, normalizing a natural process and ensuring our girls feel safe and supported during this time in their lives.

So moms, let's go on this journey together! Let's talk openly with our daughters, choose responsible menstrual products like Peripa panties, and make menarche an easier and more practical time for everyone. Let's continue to empower our girls and build a healthier and more conscious future! 🌸✨

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